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    The Overseer's Spouse: Liana Bernhet


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    The Overseer's Spouse: Liana Bernhet Empty The Overseer's Spouse: Liana Bernhet

    Post by Airra on Fri Jun 24, 2016 12:41 pm

    [Character Portrait Placeholder]

    Liana Burnhet

    Age: 44

    Occupation: East Tulivas Children's Caretaker and Overseer Burnhet's moral support.

    Description: At a height of 5'5" and somewhat overweight, she is a lively person. Her long, dark blond hair is usually tied back behind her head. Her deep blue eyes sit beneath thin eyebrows.
    Her frequent smiles and good nature make her pleasant to be around.

    Equipment & Important Items:

    • Oxygen regulating mask

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