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    East Tulivas Expedition Captain: Luco


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    East Tulivas Expedition Captain: Luco Empty East Tulivas Expedition Captain: Luco

    Post by Airra on Fri Jun 24, 2016 1:10 pm

    Captain Luco

    Age: 27

    Occupation: East Tulivas Expedition Captain.
    "Keepin' the fools from killin' 'emselfs."

    Description: Standing at a height of 6'2" and with a toned, slim physic, he walks about with an air of confidence. His hair is buzzed to short bristles along his scalp, revealing a large tattoo of a seven-point star above his right ear. His near-black eyes rest in the frame of a youthful face. He has a noticeable tanline of pale skin from the bridge of his nose to the base of his lower jaw from his oxygen mask.

    Equipment & Important Items:

    • Oxygen regulating mask
    • Flame-retardant white jumpsuit with hood
    • knee-length leather jacket
    • .50 Cal. Armor-piercing rifle
    • Medical supply bag

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