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    Prologue - The Undernet - FIR-Cyan, Valhallen & Melody [Old Format] Empty Prologue - The Undernet - FIR-Cyan, Valhallen & Melody [Old Format]

    Post by Greenknight1294 on Mon Feb 01, 2016 3:37 pm

    [1/31/2016 3:30:47 AM | Edited 3:31:23 AM] "This place looks scary." the DolphinBrowser program stated as both navis walked alongside into another room that they thought lead to where the poison navi came from, somehow managing to get lost with no sight of Levra's computer anywhere. Of course, the other navi had no idea that they were lost, simply following behind the program to cover their backs.

    Meanwhile, on a distant place in the same shady looking room with the dark purple floorings suspended over blood red sea, another navi had fallen into a trap; as the pink lady walked into what seemed to be a platform surrounded by skulls with no other exits but the one she came from, three viruses suddenly appeared, beheaded heads covered in raging fire with big, red, menacing gloves at the sides, slowly approaching the seemingly defenseless navi slowly, making sure to separate and surround her. Prologue - The Undernet - FIR-Cyan, Valhallen & Melody [Old Format] Latest?cb=20120301220722

    [1/31/2016 3:39:26 AM] "Oh no...!" She said to herself, turning left and right, the room lominated just by the fire of the floating, raging heads as she steps back. She had hoped to find a spot where no light was shining to meet her escape from this area, but the three had formed a triangle around her as she holds her fist to her side. "I could use some help here now...! If only our computer wasn't jammed...!"

    [1/31/2016 3:44:17 AM] The viruses formed a triangle and were between the navi and what seemed like the only exit to that platform, leaving Melody no other place to run to except further cornering herself against the skull statues. Her user would surely have to suggest against doing so, however, as it would only make her an easier target. The platform around her was wide enough to move to the sides, but the exit was narrow enough to be covered by the virus in the middle of the three. They raised their burning fists and seemed ready to unleash the eye of the tiger wrath upon her, all three stopping and slowly turning to her.

    [1/31/2016 3:44:47 AM] Melody was not surrounded, however, but she couldn't expect any help in such a situation, sadly.

    [1/31/2016 3:46:23 AM | Edited 3:48:48 AM] Levra continued fiddling with her computer, waiting for Fircian to get the browser back up and running so that she could close that strange tab.

    Taking her headphones off of her ears, she turned her attention back to her PET. "Hey Firci, what's taking you so long? I thought you we're taking the program back."

    "We're lost," her Navi responded matter-of-factly.

    Levra stared blankly at her device. "... What do you mean you're lost?! Why aren't you going back the way you came?!"

    "We were following the program," the response she received caused her to bury her face into her arms on the desk.

    "I probably should have gone outside today..."

    [1/31/2016 3:50:03 AM | Edited 3:50:22 AM] "Really? Scott wouldn't like to hear that." commented the other navi worriedly, throwing his muscular arms on the back of his head, "We can't leave you guys alone, but he actually has to go soon to take care of something else. Perhaps we should try to find another exit somewhere."

    [1/31/2016 3:50:21 AM] " whatever you can to hold them off, Melody!" The human said to her Navi, as she tries to dig into her backpack. "I'll find that chip somewhere...! But for now, just..don't get yourself killed now...!" Turning her back to her device, the human looked under and behind her desk. "Where is it?!" you can hear from the background as the Navi bits her lip. "Oh, darn it!" She swings her right arm to the side as a medium sized sabersword appears wrapped around her arm. "Looks like we're all going to have a bad day when this is over!" She said, looking at the appoaching heads slightly nervous.

    [1/31/2016 3:54:55 AM] The sword does indeed fill the tainted dark background around her with a glimmer of hope, but it's almost insignificant compared to the sheer size of the room she was in, seemingly designed with pure evil. The viruses were soon all staring directly at her, the one in the middle taking guard of the entrance while the other two dashed at incredible speeds towards the pink colored navi from the sides, intimidatingly so, actually running faster than her in a straight line (or flying, which would be a more accurate term in this case), having their fists ready to swing and try to take a chunk of her girly figure.

    [1/31/2016 3:56:46 AM] "Your reasoning is sound," the Navi responded.

    "Any idea how long this is going to take you?" Levra inquired on an estimated time of arrival.


    Levra sighed, "That is very reassuring of you."

    [1/31/2016 3:59:45 AM] "I'd be more worried about us. I mean we could log out right now, but we can't take the program with us." said the other navi walking along, moving foward and leading across the room, being densely thick with many layer and levels of platforms and corridors, each suspended at different altitudes over the sea of red, making it impossible for them to spot anything but skulls and eerie noises in the background.

    [1/31/2016 4:00:41 AM] "Come get me you Monsstaaaarsss!" Melody shouted, as she can't run away now, more so now that she drawn her weapon out as she steps forward. She hasn't really focused on fighting with this light sword, other than to cut down 'firewalls' and such, but at least she'll get practice on some fire-type enemies as she swings vertually across to shoo the ones infront of her away, the eccho of her shout rings in the room. All on the while her human operator starts looking in the trash can for her clips. "No, no..why would I put it here..."

    [1/31/2016 4:06:13 AM | Edited 4:06:46 AM] The shouting would resonate faintly amongst the other entities roaming the shady website.

    Melody started flailing her light sword to scare the monsters away, but somehow they didn't seem affected by it, suddenly seemingly disappearing from view as they accelerated at incredible speeds, as if teleporting in front of the pink navi from both sides, barely giving her time to counter, both already mid-swing to try and take a good chunk of her gut with a punch as they weren't particularly tall. They made sure to synchronize their hits so Melody wouldn't be able to dodge both at the same time, and it seemed impossible to parry both at that distance as well, leaving her seemingly out of options.

    [1/31/2016 4:07:08 AM] Fircian looked to his companion, "I intend not to disappoint my user."

    "Maybe you took a wrong turn somewhere?" Levra asked her Navi, not really sure what kind of answer she expected.

    "Probably," the voice rolled through the PET's speaker in the usual manner.

    Getting up from her seat, Levra stepped to the door of her room. "I'll be right back with a soda. Try not to get even more lost while I'm gone."

    "Affirmative." The response fell on silence as Levra had already left the room.

    [1/31/2016 4:10:09 AM] "Well, at least someone here is taking this situation lightly." Val sighed, making out the faint scream in the background as soon as he finished the sentence. He wasn't entirely sure what it had been, so he had to ask while staring around in a cliche fashion, "Wait, did you hear that?" At best that scream could be their way out, but that could be too optimistic.

    [1/31/2016 4:12:49 AM] With that slash away her weapon was away from her body. Maybe such a wide slash wasn't a good idea, as they teleported right infront of the wide opened Melody. "!!!" Looking down, their movements were very smart, and more effective than they even thought as there was no time for her to even try and dodge them with her arms opened out wide. Both fists collides into her gut. "OUff..!!" The hit connects hard, making her almost lose control of her sowrd as it slightly dims but refocuses as she was hit back away, her legs kicking out as while two fits had hit her, there was a third, could it be possibly behind her to follow up...?

    [1/31/2016 4:14:28 AM] "Yes. We shall go in that direction," Fircian affirmed the sound was heard and turned towards it, wrangling the browser program and shepherding it along.

    [1/31/2016 4:19:40 AM | Edited 4:20:24 AM] Melody's attempt to intimidate the viruses turned futile in an actual battle; they seemed fearless, relentless and with no remorse, both digging deep into her abdomen to the point she'd feel as if she had been stabbed deep with something metallic and hot, sending her flying away against the wall of skull statues behind her whilst her digital body soon would feel an excruciating, burning pain overwhelming her, keeping her from standing up quickly to run or defend herself. The distressful scream was likely loud enough to have someone assume what was going on, though the seriousness of the situation was much worse as the viruses were pretty much intact turning slowly towards the navi again to finish the job.

    [1/31/2016 4:24:15 AM] "NNnn.nnnn....Aaaah!" She lets off, as she can barely force herself to stand from the impact, moving her left arm around her stomach. The pain was quick though, and was as hot as the body of the thing that sent that punch her way. She slides down, but not completely down as she steps the sword to her side to keep her up. "H..Hurry...Rinna Lin...I don't know if I can hold out much longer...!" She said, as she forces back to a stand, moving her left hand behind her to help her stand back up ans grips tighter to the sword handle, the three originally normal size flames seems to grow bigger and brighter as they get closer.

    [1/31/2016 4:28:51 AM | Edited 4:30:16 AM] "Viruses," the Navi stated and broke into a dash, leaving the other Navi and the program behind it as he ran off in the direction of the scream.

    Levra returned to her room, popping open a can of Blue Mountain soda and returning back to her seat, "I'm back-- Where are you going?" She was confused as to why Fircian had begun sprinting off to who knows where and apparently he didn't have the program anymore.

    "You said I was the antivirus. I am following orders."

    "I-- You--" Levra tried to gather her thoughts as she came to terms with what was happening, "You weren't supposed to take that literally!"

    She reached over and picked up the remaining battle chip from her desk, setting down her freshly opened soda to get a hand on the PET. "Try not to take another hit like last time."

    [1/31/2016 4:36:39 AM | Edited 4:36:55 AM] By now the chip she used earlier would have recharged as well, giving her another option.

    Valhallen realized quickly and did his best to follow the slightly faster navi in front of him, suddenly throwing the purple guitar on his back on the floor and using it as a hoverboard as it moved a few inches off the floor, screaming a casual "Whooo! Time to rock again."

    Needless to say, the room was immense, and even the poison navi would take some time getting to the location of the scream, but at least now he had a good idea of where it was coming from.

    Regardless of this event, Melody herself would have no idea about other navis in the vicinity, and things were looking grim as the viruses slowly cornered her even further against the skull statue wall as she managed to get up, as if trying to make sure she had no escape from that situation before slowly closing in on her, ready to act at her slightest move. They were close enough so that they could dash into her in an instant, but to far for her to try taking a swing at them, the ones at the sides waiting for the third virus to join the party and beat her to a pulp. Sadly, if she just logged off then, her owner's computer would remain dead, so it was one despair or the other, having to watch her own navi get rammed against a wall if she couldn't do anything to help.

    [1/31/2016 4:41:27 AM] After realizing some time had passed since the last battle, Levra opened the PET's diagnostics screen to check Fircian's current status. "We can't be too reckless, now..."

    [1/31/2016 4:43:23 AM] She'd notice that Fircian was actually still holding some internal damage in his torso from the battle earlier, being rather significant with how durable he is. Though she wouldn't be able to tell exactly how much he would be able to take before having to log off or worse.

    [1/31/2016 4:44:53 AM] "GOT IT!" She shouted, holding up her AreaSteal clip. "This will help you get out of that situation, fast!" She said, turning towards the device, but as soon as she gets close she sees a very bad situation infront of her. Melody is shaking, pointing her sword towards them but unsure of where she should target. "I-I need..ot get out of here...!" She says. "...i...If you won't, I WILL!" She shouted once again, not allowing herself to be cornered as Melody steps back against the wall, and uses it to boost herself forward as instead of a slash, she would go for the thrust! Thrusting her light filled sword forward towards either one of those viruses as Rinna grabs the navigater. "NO! You're leaving yourself up like that!"

    [1/31/2016 4:51:30 AM | Edited 4:51:38 AM] The attempt proved futile, as they suddenly dashed towards her when she did the same. Although she managed to get the sword lodged deeply into one of them, piercing the head and sending him flying backwards with a gory stream of data falling from his face, stunned. Before she can contemplate her very limited success, however, one of the viruses sinks another gut breaker and smashes her back into the skull wall, this time standing up, the other dashing along and smashing another fist on her body before she could react from the pain, sending more gut-wrecking sensations of excruciating pain as the PET would alert Rinna of the impending danger of having her navi deleted, more than likely forcing another series of screams from the navi as the punch was hard enough to crack the statue behind her.

    Meanwhile, Fircian manage to get there quickly enough to witness the scene from a higher platform, being far enough to render his javelins ineffective. At the very least he'd spot the source of the screams, but the scene was gruesome.

    [1/31/2016 4:59:58 AM] "Yes, go-OOOFFF!!!" Melody was able to say, if only to let the sound out before it is cut off with a loud shout of pain. Her eyes narrow as with her dash she had boosted herself forward to do damage, but it also meant receiving did just as much if not more, as her body pacitically digs herself into the firey fist, as she is sent backwards. Her back slams against the skull wall as her helmeted head knocks back against it. "AHH!!" She lets out another scream from the impact, her arms moving apart and her knees bent inwards, able to keep her standing. But it was a bad call on her part, as another fist jams into her. "GAH...!!" Her head pops forward, as her body sinks into the fist as the light of her sword disappears from her hand. She was just not combat ready...and Rinna knew it too as she falls onto her butt, holding tightly onto her device. "NO...! No, no, not you too, Melody...! I-I have it, I can get you out of there...!" SHe said, as she scrambles to put the clip in.

    [1/31/2016 5:11:37 AM] "More than a few people ended up in this mess, it looks like..." Levra commented, having switched back to the main view.

    Fircian observed the scene from above, "That Navi has taken heavy damage."

    "Okay, let's give this a go. No guns this time, so we should have a good opportunity now," Levra slipped the Cobweb Bomb chip into place.

    Materializing the bomb in hand, Fircian stepped back from the edge of the platform, building distance.

    "Let's play it safe this time, Firci" Levra suggested, "Can you make that jump?"

    "Yes," the Navi responded just as he burst into a sprint, leaping from the edge of the platform. The time of the descent was spent aiming the throw between the viruses at the most optimal point, waiting for the right timing to release it as he spawned a javelin in his other hand.

    Halfway down, he released the bomb from his hand with a forceful throw.

    [1/31/2016 5:17:45 AM] Right when the viruses seemed ready to delete Melody into oblivion, her body already having taken so much damage she was leaking a small stream of data occasionally from her gut, the bomb that mysterious navi had thrown hit the ground, bouncing up and exploding in mid air into an expanding cobweb that trapped all of them together, including Melody, leaving the fire viruses struggling to try to break free (despite the obvious fire vs web attribute). It was plenty of time for Melody to use the area steal chip she'd been given, if Rinna ever inserted it.

    Soon after the other intruder managed to arrive from a different platform above, ready to jump in and steal some exp the next turn, but for now he was too far.

    [1/31/2016 5:25:29 AM] Just as Melody tilts her head up with fading eyes towards the possible killing blow, her eyes widen up to see a huge explosion covering the area. "..WAH?!" Suddenly she was taken for a ride, pulled away from the wall, and pulled towards her attackers as they all meet up in the net.

    "A-A net...? Inside the Net...? N-Nevermind that!" Rinna said, as she slides the clip. "Melody, away, as much as you can handle right now!" With that data is sent to Melody, as she doesn't waste anytime, placing her hand over her chest symbol as she closes her eyes. She undigitzed, but due to her damage, she didn't get too far, but at least out of the net as she teleports to the other wall, leaning against it as she bends in, holding her stomach. "I..Aaah...i....I...made it...."

    [1/31/2016 5:31:27 AM | Edited 5:31:38 AM] "Yeah, you go, Firci! You do that thing you do!" Levra shouted loudly as the viruses became bound, excitedly miming air punches.

    As he neared the end of his fall, Fircian made note of the virus locations and used the following moment loosing javelins at each of them. Each throw was followed by a the opposite hand getting into throwing position and spawning a new spear, allowing them to be released in a fluid motion.

    The instant after, he had reached the ground, getting into a ready position for another throw should one be needed.

    [1/31/2016 5:36:01 AM] The first javelin throw was a mild success as the virus was bound, getting hit and launched out of the web into a furious frenzy. It seems as if hitting something automatically takes away the effect of the web, and the single javelin to the face didn't seem enough to do the trick, so the virus started dashing in a straight line towards the navi that just arrived, wanting to steal the spotlight.

    And if that wasn't enough bs, the string of a guitar would loudly shoot from a platform above as the other navi that looked like some kind of rocker god jumped down, also trying to steal the spotlight from Fircian, crashing pathetically on the ground thanks to riding his guitar, unlike the other one. Falls don't particularly hurt, however, so he was more than ready to get up.

    [1/31/2016 5:40:13 AM] Melody could only do what she can to hold herself together as she looks on, but Rinna is more surprised. "W-Who are those people...? I mean, Navis..." Rinna says, but she can't focus on that right now as she checks the status of her own Navi. "Good....looks like, you can still make it...thank goodness...." She lets out a sigh. It's best to let them handle it from here...

    [1/31/2016 5:45:02 AM] "Whydidyouknockthemalloutofthebind?!" Levra was stunned by what Fircian did. Was he trying to show off or something?

    She reached for the other chip. It had probably enough to recharge by now.

    Taking aim at the nearest flame virus, Fircian threw more javelins, not acknowledging the arrival of the Navi to his side.

    "At least you're not outnumbered three-to-one again," Levra said as she calmed down, removing the bomb chip and contemplating when would be best to insert the cannon.
    She needs to work on her Navi's reckless behavior.

    [1/31/2016 5:48:16 AM | Edited 5:48:50 AM] The consecutive javelins were enough to outweight the virus into falling over on its... back? Well, it didn't have a back, but it certainly fell over and the several javelins were enough to put him down, its body soon falling apart into arrays of data that vanished into thin air.

    The other navi hurried in and skillfully spawned both an extremely heavy looking hammer and a cannon in the other arm, shooting the already damaged virus into oblivion and smashing the remaining on down on the floor with a devastating, floor crushing blow, provided Fircian gave him the kill. They were pretty much punching bags thanks to his ability, so there was no harm in showing off a bit if he got the chance, or so he thought.

    [1/31/2016 6:01:04 AM] Levra clenched a fist around the battle chip, punching to the sky and practically screaming in joy, only to be interrupted by a loud knocking at the door.

    "Lev, quit screaming! You're gonna wake the dead!" An angry yelling reverberated deeply from behind the door.

    "Sorry, Dad!" She apologized in a much more indoorsy tone, feeling a rush of embarrassment as she reached for her near-forgotten soda.

    "Levra, the viruses have been terminated," Fircian spoke out to his user, stepping into a less combat-ready stance.

    Levra took a noisy sip from the wonderful citrus beverage and set the can back down and rolled her eyes, "I noticed. Practically got me in trouble."

    She looked back to the display, "I hope that Navi is alright. It looks like she got hit worse than you did."

    [1/31/2016 6:04:51 AM | Edited 6:04:54 AM] Valhallen moved back to kick his hovering guitar up and strap it to his back once again, soon kneeling down by the pink colored navi and offering her a hand, "Hey, are you okay? Do you think you can stand up?"

    [1/31/2016 6:09:54 AM] "Woah...." Rinna was abit speechless by how that fight went for them, compared to, well, us. Melody smiles though, as this was the best possible outcome for her...she looks at Valhallen's hand when he makes it up to her. However, she forcefully tries, and gets herself standing, though leaning her back against the wall as she looks over, and waves abit, showing at least she has enough power to stand by herself without assistant. "Thank you...sir. You saved my life! And my user's life."

    A small sound of a stiff can be heard from Rinna, completely reliefed to see that her Navi is safe..and the people that fought against the virus were good too. "Thank you SO much! It's been hard to trust others after that terrible e-mail toke over and ruined my computer. My name is Rinna, and this Navi is Melody."

    Melody nods her head, and moves her waving hand out for a hand shake. "It's nice to meet you..." Though bites her lip again, keeping a hold around her sides.

    [1/31/2016 6:15:25 AM | Edited 6:16:26 AM] "Are you sure you don't need help?" the navi asked back on a tone of worry, offering a shoulder if she wanted to, briefly looking back at Fircian. "I can't speak for both of us, but my name is Valhallen. My user already had to leave, but we're trapped here looking for an exit to this place."

    [1/31/2016 6:16:46 AM] "Ah, hi. I got that ugly email , too," the user responded. "I'm Levra. This ray of sunshine is Fircian."

    Her Navi nodded its head as she spoke.

    Levra continued, "I guess those viruses gave you a rough time as well, huh?"

    [1/31/2016 6:21:07 AM] "Y-Yeah...." She rubs the back to her helmet, looking towards where she came from. "I was following the trial the virus left behind, it was actually probably the only safe way to make sure I can make it out of that computer in tact. ...Well..." She looks down at her wounds. "...I guess not completely. I can't thank you two enough for being here just in the right time!"

    "Mmm...if you guys need the help, we can lead you to...right where our computer is fried. Huh." Rinna, drops her head at that thought. "H-Hey, I don't really have a way to help her out, and I can't just leave Melody on the internet...I know she was trying to be tough after that, but can you please help her up? We have been able to follow kind of a path, so we..KIND OF know our way around. So that should be helpful...r-right?"

    [1/31/2016 6:25:42 AM] "Oh goodie, a path," Levra relished the thought of being able to get this event over with. However, something clicked in her head.

    "Wait, Firci! Where is the browser?!"

    Fircian turned toward the platform he had leaped from, "Somewhere in that direction."

    Levra paused for a moment and sighed.

    [1/31/2016 6:28:03 AM | Edited 6:29:35 AM] Just a few seconds after she was done, Rinna's computer would come back to life, and the trail of data connecting it to that block disappered. Moreover, Melody would be able to find her way back since AIs are often not as careless as people with forgetting things.

    Valhallen insisted after hearing the words of her user, even if it meant carrying Melody against her will over one of his shoulders if she still hesitated. "Yes. We could get ourselves to our own computers if we can just find a way out of here. I can log off myself since Scott left my PET connected, but if I go, Fircian will be alone having to return a missing program to his computer." he explained, also pointing back to one of the platforms when he heard his new friend speaking.

    "I told the narwhal to stay back in one of the platforms I jumped from. We could easily make our way up there if we follow the corridors leading up."

    [1/31/2016 6:35:45 AM] "At least one of you is good at directing things," Levra chimed in, taking another sip from her soda. "Go ahead and lead the way, if you don't mind."

    Fircian turned towards Valhallen, acting on an implied direction From his user.

    [1/31/2016 6:35:52 AM] And with that Rinna jumps up, as she suddenly heard her computer turn on! "! Melody!" Melody nods her head as she can already see the path back to her place.

    "Hmmm....I don't feel safe, with you in your condition, and with my computer, to take you back right now...." Rinna nods her head. "Umm...if you guys can be so kind, ake care of Melody while I resort my computer? To make sure it'll be safe to reconnect with Melody to it? While I'm fixing that Melody can help you guys find your way back. Does that sounds like a good deal?" Rinna can only assume this can work. "Plus...we need all the help we can get right now...."

    [1/31/2016 6:38:28 AM] "I don't see any harm in it," Levra responded as she switched back to the PET's diagnostic screen, double checking her Navi's status.

    [1/31/2016 6:41:26 AM] Again, no signs of change on Fircian, his status not critical, just somewhat wounded. He likely wouldn't be feeling it himself.

    Val agreed with a nod of his head and starts heading up through one of the corridors, leading the way with Melody, soon to find that program so they can follow her directions instead.

    "My user mentioned something about this place being a possible server for mass producing infected emails, which makes me think more people could have been affected by this." He adds as he attempted to put on some conversation on the way.

    [1/31/2016 6:47:56 AM] "mmm..this way..." She said, pointing towards the next direction as she stops abit to feel her damage once again. She will need to rest up soon enough...but not before helping out herself.

    "Melody..." Rinna sighs, "Don't overwork yourself right now....let....V...Val? Carry you for now."

    "nn..." She closes her eyes, nodding her head. "It would be too long of a walk, now..." She stops and allows herself to be picked up. "Yes, I think so too. Something this deadly to almost completely destory my user's computer cannot just be targetted on a few select individuals. There has to be a source, though with those vireses around we weren't able to get that much closer to where we would like...."

    [1/31/2016 6:51:23 AM] "Are you suggesting we do something about it?" Fircian asked in reply to Valhallen.

    "Nooooo no no nonono!" Levra cut that thought short before her Navi could get any ideas, "We've had enough adventure for the day. I'm sure the police can get this site shut down soon enough on their own or something."

    "But we are already here," Fircian responded to Levra's disapproval.

    "And I still have this blank page open on the screen! Besides, you shouldn't put another person's  Navi in danger!"

    Fircian glanced over to the injured Melody, "Affirmative."

    [1/31/2016 6:54:58 AM | Edited 6:55:54 AM] "I agree with Levra, this place is too dangerous. I'll be sending a report to the authorities soon after we're out and that's about that." he replied calmly, carrying Melody on their way back. They were already close enough to spot the corridor that led out of the room into seemingly peaceful environments, which was more than likely their way out.

    However... there was what seemed like an earthquake under the navis and the area was starting to collapse, forcing them to haste through the remaining platforms and corridors or fall down onto the sea of red, which was almost out of question for the Narwhal fella. Thankfully programs aren't heavy to carry.

    [1/31/2016 6:59:12 AM] "!!!" Melody would hold on tight, as Rinna lets out a small sigh. "That suggestion couldn't have come at a better time...! Let's hope your movement skills are as good as your combat skills, Val....!"

    [1/31/2016 6:59:41 AM] "Agh, Firci run!" Levra half-shouted as she saw what was happening.

    With that, Fircian bolted ahead, snatching the panicked browser program on the way and flinging it up to his shoulder as the quartet hurried their escape.

    [1/31/2016 7:04:47 AM] Valhallen wasn't slow by any means, but getting outran by Fircian would likely make him seem out of shape since he was currently the slowest of all the moving members technically,. "No problem, just chill and leave it to me." he replied regardless, seemingly uncaring of this fact, jumping with ease amidst the falling platforms despite the weight of the other navi over his shoulders. Gotta have some kind of advantage to live in a virtual world, after all.

    Despite the complications they barely managed to make it through the entrance and into Melody's computer whilst the room seemingly disassembled and grew darker as they ran. By the time they made there, panting and agitated, the link leading to that webpage would be pitch black, and seemingly disappear as suddenly as it came.

    Pinging it also gave no results, which didn't come as much of a surprise to Val who was just doing the effort in the background.

    [1/31/2016 7:05:49 AM] Now all it took was an email or a link leading directly to Levra's own computer to get the browser back where it belongs.

    [1/31/2016 7:09:46 AM] "Alright, I'm gonna need an address," Levra said as she turned towards her computer and reopened her email client. She took a brief moment to delete the troublesome item that started this whole mess.

    Imitating a posh and proper tone, Levra spoke back into the PET device, "Your Highness, the carriage is ready for its destination."

    [1/31/2016 7:14:42 AM] Even though there was trust in this, Rinna can't help but let out another sigh of relief. Melody smiles too, knowing that the danger is over, at least over the net...the computer may still be a mess for all she knows, but at least she can rest up now. She gets off of Valhella once he lets her down, and waves towards Rinna as Rinna smiles back.

    "I knew you guys could make it....! And looks like this computer can do well enough right now to get you guys were you need to be!" Rinna claps her hands together and smiles, nodding her head. "We should exchange contact information. I for sure don't want us to leave off and never see each other again....!"

    "Mhmm, I can't thank you both enough!" Melody says also. "Next time, I'll prove I can handle myself alot better."

    [1/31/2016 7:20:53 AM | Edited 7:21:07 AM] "Don't worry too much about it," Levra responded as she recalled earlier events. "Those viruses messed Firci up a bit earlier."

    She picked up her drink from the desk, having finished entering a return link into the email body. "So, about that email..."

    [1/31/2016 7:22:48 AM] "Yeah, they're pretty dangerous and you were outnumbered." reassured Val with a nod. "I can leave you my owner's email if you like, I can't give out my own data without him otherwise, but I need to log off soon myself."

    [1/31/2016 7:28:49 AM] "Sure thing," Levra confirmed the prompt left by the Norse rocker Navi. "I could always use more social connections. As I'm sure you can tell, Tall, Blue and Fuzzy here isn't a particularly enthralling conversationalist."

    "Aaaand close," Levra finally got rid of that eyesore of a tab, at last having her computer back in order.

    "It's a joy to see you making new friends," she turned to her PET device, now rendering Fircian on the screen, and leaned back into her seat while stretching. "Did'ja have fun?"

    "It was an eventful detour," her Navi responded as plainly as usual.

    Levra simply sat still during a moment of silence, smiling at the digital person behind the PET's screen. Seconds later, Fircian raised his hand up as a fast and pointed it towards the user.

    "Theeeere we go," Levra returned the gesture, gently tapping a knuckle towards the small image of her Navi. "You get some rest. I'll take this has a lesson and get a better antivirus."


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