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    Character Creation and Profiles Empty Character Creation and Profiles

    Post by Greenknight1294 on Mon Feb 01, 2016 4:27 pm

    The sub-forum User and Navi was created so players can keep track of the information of their characters and those of other players. As a general guideline it's important to include pictures, names and the character sheet itself attached to your post. Please utilize our pdf format down below to record your character's progress and statistics.

    If you're creating your character for the first time, your human character starts with 500 Zenny's and two battle chips, one basic Energy Cannon and a custom one approved by a moderator or admin.

    Your navi, on the other hand, will start with no extra memory for chips, no upgrades available and will have 12 points to distribute amongst the stats. To determine basic attack power and range, send a message to a moderator with your idea for what your character's navi would have as a basic attack.

    For further information regarding character creation contact a moderator.

    Character Sheet Example
    Character Creation and Profiles AttachmentModel Character Sheet Example.pdf
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