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    General Informations (WIP)


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    General Informations (WIP) Empty General Informations (WIP)

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    DenTech City

    The setting of this roleplay takes place in a technologically focused version of our modern world, more specifically a generic version of Tokio combined with the quieter and more abundant residential areas from cities such as Berlin. Our story's city DenTech, located in Japan, is widely known for its diversity and its open disposition for the so called project NAVI that's widely improving the quality of life, making it one of the most prominent destinations for vacationing and immigration from other countries.

    It's a place booming with technology as people can more freely interact with their surroundings using the so called navi's, or artificially intelligent assistants, although none of the technology surpasses our modern, commercially available brands besides this particular exception.


    Urban Areas

    The project NAVI consists in the implementation of a way to safely and actively interact with the environment through the development of a new technology based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Any kind of AI programmed based on this technology to perform functions given input from their users is considered a navi, and is automatically uploaded and installed inside devices called PErsonal Terminals, usually by the manufacturers themselves.

    PErsonal Terminal (PET)

    Any code suited to perform undesired, generally automated interactions within the environment is considered a virus, and can often be detected and recognized by the navis and deleted or manipulated accordingly through the use of the PET and their customized functions with the aid of Battle Chips. In this universe, network security is solely handled by these AIs.

    Battle Chips

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